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Latest News:

Watershed Live at the Koelenhof Wine Launch

Fri, 9 June 2017

Join us for an evening with Watershed at the official Koelenhof Wine Launch on Friday the 9th of June! Tickets include show entry and a full wine and canapé experience on arrival.

Koelenhof will be launching their new wine lables at the start of the evening where you will be treated to differenct wines of the Koelenhof range - about 12 wines each paired with a canape.

Once you have moved through te wine route, you will be able to sit at your table or seat and relax with Watershed.

There will be extra snacks, drinks and wine for sale on the evening.

We have a limited amount of tables of ten and the rest will be open seating to the public.

All bookings can be done on 084 522 5223 or


Koelenhof Wine Farm
TIME : 18:00      COST : 175       SPACES :


Rachelle Roets

GPS : -33.83459000, 18.79787000