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Schubert – Siyabonga Maqungo and Richard Cock

Fri, 22 December 2017

Oude Libertas Summer Season Festival: Schubert – Siyabonga Maqungo and Richard Cock

The magnificent combination of the music of Franz Schubert, Richard Cock, James Grace (guitar) and Francois Du Toit (piano) is a masterpiece. The ATKV prize-winning flautist Tatiana Thaele will add even more musicality to this concert.

Franz Peter Schubert was among the first of the Romantics, and the composer who, more than any other, brought the art song (lied) to artistic maturity. During his short but prolific career, he produced masterpieces in nearly every genre, all characterized by rich harmonies, an expansive treatment of classical forms, and a seemingly endless gift for melody.

He is known primarily for composing hundreds of songs including Die Forelle, Erlkönig, Du bist die Ruh and An die Musik. Siyabonga will interpret these songs with passion and Schubert would have been proud of this fresh rendition of his works.


Corner Adam Tas & Libertas road Stellenbosch
TIME : 20:15      COST : 200       SPACES :


Oude Libertas Amphitheatre