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Nataniel: Reign or Shine

Wed, 7 February 2018
Sat, 10 February 2018

Oude Libertas Summer Season Festival: Nataniel: Reign or Shine

A festive offering by Nataniël, this show is the perfect event with which to say farewell to a heavy year and welcome what will hopefully be a time of progress and greater peace of mind.

Inspired by the 1946 song, COME RAIN OR COME SHINE, Nataniël celebrates resilience and performs music by some of the world’s greatest singers, all of whom were famous and beloved in their lifetime, but due to segregation and small-mindedness, were only allowed to enters their theatres through the service entrances. Discriminated against throughout their careers, they have become immortal and inspirational, the real leaders for generations of thinkers and lovers of life.

REIGN OR SHINE also features stories in Afrikaans and English, is light hearted, stubborn and fantastical, written and performed by a proud anti-politics stage artist. He is joined by Charl du Plessis (piano), Juan Oosthuizen, (guitar), Werner Spies (bass) and Peter Auret (drums).

Costumes by Floris Louw.


Corner Adam Tas & Libertas road Stellenbosch
TIME : 20:15      COST : 220       SPACES :


Oude Libertas Amphitheatre