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Full Moon Sacred Ceremony

Wed, 26 September 2018

Join Sam-Brooke Aronson and Life Retreat Studio as we step into Spring with the energy of the enchanting full moon.

The full moon is a beautiful time to bask in the lunar energy at it's fullest potential- awakening our authentic power and connection to the magic of the cosmos that lies within.

This is a time for retrospection, completion and intention. Harnessing this energy to reflect on the past and release all that no longer serves us while basking in our own fullness and our own capacities to embrace wholeness in all aspects of our lives

Where do you find yourself leaking energy? What areas of your life need to be refuelled, revived and restored? This is a time to illuminate how you can move forward gliding on the wings of the universe.

Each Full Moon we gather together to honour both ourselves and the cyclical nature of Mother Moon. It's a time to align yourself with where you want to be and to release all that no longer serves the higher good of our souls both as individuals and the collective.

What to bring: A pillow to sit on and a notebook with a pen to write down intentions.

Love Offering: R100 (Payable upon arrival - cash/card/snap).


Life Retreat Studio, Lourensford Estate, Somerset West
TIME : 19:30      COST : 100       SPACES :