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Vriesenhof shows new set of feathers

26 September 2016  -  Vriesenhof

Vriesenhof Vineyards, one of Stellenbosch’s premier wine producers, has released a new easy-drinking range focussing on the more relaxed aspects of the wine-orientated lifestyle. The range falls under the estate’s Paradyskloof label named after the majestic valley in Stellenbosch Mountain bordering the Helderberg.

Comprising a Sauvignon Blanc, Grenache Rosé and Red Blend, the range sports an enchanting new-look Paradyskloof label based on the feathers of a male peacock. When Jan Boland Coetzee purchased the Vriesenhof farm in Paradyskloof, a lonely male peacock had already taken-up residence on the estate and was a well-known and colourful feature on the property before passing away a few years later in a state of committed bachelordom.

“The poor guy had no one to show-off his feathers to,” says Jan, “so we decided to honour him with this new range of wines based on the peacock’s original feather structure.”

Nicky Claasens, winemaker at Vriesenhof and custodian of the Paradyskloof range, says the new offering is based on wines that are distinctly Stellenbosch wines of origin at accessible price points to the everyday wine drinker.

“The ethos of Vriesenhof is based on Stellenbosch, with all our wines showing a commitment to terroir and a sense of place,” he says. “We truly believe that the wine consumer is recognising South Africa’s regional diversity and the various wine quality found within them, with Stellenbosch being seen as the country’s premier wine growing area. The aim of this collection is therefore to offer terroir-driven Stellenbosch wines made to styles as accessible as the price points.”

The Grenache Rosé and Red Blend are both made using grapes grown on selected sites on the Vriesenhof property.

 “Young Grenache vines, planted due south, are ideal for Rosé in a dry style with that evocative onion-skin hue,” says Claasens. “The juice is bled off after an hour or two, but contact is long enough to add a line of complexity and structure to the Rosé, whose overall appeal is freshness and drinkability.”

Grenache grapes from Vriesenhof terroir also plays the lead role in the Paradyskloof 2015 red blend, making-up 56% of the wine along with, Mourvedre (24%) and Shiraz (20%).

Maturation in old wood vats adds an appealing overall spiciness to this wine which exudes succulent black-fruit and plum notes, wrapped in a veil of soft tannins. “An added bonus is to release this maiden version from the 2015 vintage, which was absolutely superb,” says Claasens.

The South African public’s seeming insatiable thirst for Sauvignon Blanc led to the Paradyskloof Sauvignon Blanc 2016 made from grapes grown on the south-westerly slopes of Stellenbosch. The wine is made to a fresh style combining gripping pyrazine notes of cut-grass and asparagus with a hint of sunny summer fruit.

The wine is available from the farm at R65.00 per bottle and should be available in retail stores from the beginning of October. Should you need more info contact the farm on +27.218800284 or send an email to