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Best Chardonnay du Monde 2017 Awards

17 March 2017  -  Chardonnay du Monde

24th International Competition of the Best Chardonnay Wines in the World

The 24th international competition of the World’s best Chardonnay wines, Chardonnay du Monde® has just come to an end. Competing against a large concentration of chardonnay wine and vast geographical diversity: 706 wine samples from 38 countries.

Chardonnay du Monde® occupies a special place amongst international competitions thanks to its worldwide scope and its rigorous method. Strict quality standards and optimal tasting conditions enabled the international judges to award 235 medals that are recognised as a reliable criterion for selection.

At the 2017 Top 10 eight countries: South Africa, Australia, Austria, Canada, Chile, France, Germany and Spain. France obtains seven Gold Medals: two for Champagne Chardonnay wines, three for Burgundy wines, one Bugey wine and one Pays d'Oc wine. One Canadian chardonnay wine is at the top of the Top 10 list.

Highlight, confirming the trend of previous years, we observe in the Top 10 a significant proportion of oak-aged wines and wines over 5 years of age.

Many countries win beautiful medals: South Africa, Australia, Austria, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Spain, Italia, and Switzerland.

2017 Awards:
300 International expert judges
38 countries, 706 wines
235 medals: 55 Gold, 180 Silver

All the results are available on:

More than 700 international expert judges have been trained to evaluate the wines in competition after a specific training.