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Coffee and Chameleons at Jordan Wine Estate

26 October 2018  -  Jordan Wine Estate

There is magic in the air at Jordan this October! As Halloween approaches, we are excited to launch our Black Magic coffee. This coffee blend is roasted exclusively for The Bakery at Jordan by our friends at Red Roof Roastery, a local Stellenbosch roaster.

This is inspired by our Black Magic Merlot, grown on Tourmaline-rich granite which in term darkens the soil, leading to perfumed, inky wines.

Enjoy the coffee and/or a wine tasting whilst you do some chameleon spotting.  You know that summer is in full swing when you spot a mother and baby chameleons in the potted trees and shrubbery surrounding the tasting room.  These Cape Dwarf Chameleons are generally not found in the vineyards as they prefer these dense, evergreen shrubs.

In African folklore, chameleons are believed to have magical powers and this inspired the name for our Chameleon Range of wines; including the Chameleon Sauvignon Blanc-Chardonnay, Chameleon Chenin Blanc, Chameleon Rosé, Chameleon No Added Sulphur Merlot and Chameleon No Added Sulphur Cabernet Sauvignon.

Come join us for a cup of coffee, taste world class wines and go chameleon spotting this weekend!  Then take the magic home with you (just the coffee, not chameleons please).

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