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Delheim Wine Estate: The latest vintage of our famous Spatzendreck is now available!

29 November 2018  -  Delheim Wine Estate

Considered one of Mr Michael Hans "Spatz" Sperling's best pioneering efforts, Delheim Spatzendreck has remained one of South Africa's favourite dessert wines with a very, special story behind it.

"And now for the story behind my beloved Spatzendreck, because I truly consider it one of my best pioneering efforts.

It was "born" on a Sunday afternoon in the year 1961. It was a glorious weekend, blessed with many friends, who were more or less interested in the success of Spatz who entertained them so lavishly.

To impress those wine lovers who were frolicking around the pool in all stages of undress and inebriation, I invited them to the production cellar to evaluate the latest - the best -of the past vintage.

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