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The launch of the Stellenbosch Art Route

30 November 2018  -  Stellenbosch Visio

Famous the world over for its wines, Stellenbosch near Cape Town in South Africa, has quietly but surely been building an international reputation as a centre for the arts. And now, thanks to a map of the Art Route, the town’s best works are easier to find than ever. The map is available for download here.

Home to some of the most prominent works of South Africa’s classic and contemporary artists, Stellenbosch’s galleries, museums and craft markets are not to be missed. Stellenbosch Visio magazine, Stellenbosch 360 and the creative community of Stellenbosch have been working hard to put together a map that helps visitors to navigate the town and experience the full range of art offerings in the greater Stellenbosch area.

Wineries included in the art map include:

Cavalli Gallery

MOK Gallery at Muratie

Fine Art @ Neethlingshof

Delaire Graff



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