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5 Exciting Pairings to try in 2019

8 January 2019  - - Trudie Webb (Editor)

We hope that tasting more wine made it to everyone's New Year's resolutions. There are a few new exciting tastings on the block to add to your winelands bucket list

Villiera Chocolate and MCC Pairing

There have been many a chocolate and wine pairing but finally we can enjoy artisinal chocolates with bubblies in a carefully selected pairing. 4 Villiera MCC's are paired with 4 specially crafted chocolates by MySugar. Look forward to Domaine Grier Brut paired with Cashew Coconut & Strawberry in Milk chocolate, Villiera Monro Brut paired with Miso Caramel and Peanuts in Milk Chocolate. Mouth watering yet? We thought so. 

@R120 per person – by appointment only (mainly to keep to small, fresh batches of chocolates)


Quoin Rock Tasting

The end of 2018 saw a new era in wineland luxury emerge with the reopening of Quoin Rock after 6 years of renovation. It was worth the wait as the estate itself is a feast for the eyes with a beautiful wine lounge tasting area that transforms into an exciting restaurant come evening. You can choose to taste Quoin Rock's range of wines or enjoy Executive Chef Rikku Ò’Donnchü boundary-breaking cuisine across a 16-course menu that melds tradition and science. 

For more info, visit Quoin Rock's website:


Delheim Wine & Fynbos Cupcake Pairing

Long since a favourite stop in the winelands, there is now even more reason to visit Delheim. Their Wine & Fynbos Cupcake pairing highlights their eco-passion. 

There are four cupcakes in the line-up. The honeybush cupcake incorporates fine grade honeybush tea leaves and a plain cream icing, and is paired with the Delheim Chardonnay Sur Lie. A buchu cupcake was developed using a highly concentrated tincture by Durban-based herbal laboratory Phyto-Force. The icing is cream cheese and lemon-based, which adds a zing that fits perfectly when served with the Delheim Gewurztraminer. The fynbos honey cupcake was created using locally-produced Cape coast honey and icing that is cream cheese with honey-based. It is paired with Delheim Merlot and highlights the wine's red fruit flavours. The rooibos cupcake features extracted rooibos espresso as an ingredient and is topped with icing of cream cheese and cinnamon and is paired with Delheim Pinotage.


Alto Biltong and Wine

With a slogan "Red Born and Bred" what better match could there be for the iconic Alto wines than South African favourite snack, biltong? Each pairing was designed to highlight a characteristic in the wine, while simultaneously demonstrating its versatility. Alto Rouge for example, is partnered with barbeque-flavoured biltong.


Neil Ellis Pesto & Wine Play

In addition to a wide range of highly-acclaimed wines, food and wine lovers can embark on an epicurean journey with a unique food and wine adventure, aptly called “Pesto & Wine Play”. The Neil Ellis team, along with the help of a chef friend, dreamed up a selection of recipes which have been tweaked over time to create four yummy pestos to cross-pair with four of the highly-acclaimed Neil Ellis Terrain-Specific Wines. Pesto & Wine Play is a fun name for a fun experience. It is not a dedicated set of pairings. Visitors are invited to experiment with the respective pestos and wines and discover their very own choice combos.