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Support Jordan’s Restaurant Support Initiative

7 May 2020  -  Jordan Wine Estate

The Jordan Wine Estate Restaurant Support Initiative allows you the opportunity to support your favourite local restaurant during this difficult time.

Purchase a voucher for R600 and you will receive a future-dated restaurant voucher to the value of R600 AND a pre-selected case of 6 bottles of Jordan wine, delivered to your door for free, as soon as possible, once permitted.

There are over 70 restaurants participating in this nation-wide initiative, so you have your pick of an industry leading eatery in the Western Cape, Johannesburg & Pretoria, KZN and the Eastern Cape!

Why not purchase a voucher for your friends and family who are spending a special occasion indoors, this year?
Jordan Wine Estate has made over a 1000 cases of wine available for this drive, so be sure to secure yours! This is an investment opportunity in the best restaurants of South Africa and their livelihoods.

The well-known Jordan Wine Estate Winter Charity Drive will still go ahead this year, but in a smaller capacity.
A smaller allocation of Jordan wine will be made available for our Winter Charity Drive come July 2020 and we would want to continue collecting clothes and blankets for those most in need.
The drive has provided support for hundreds of charities involved with giving warm clothes and blankets to fragile communities.

However, this new form of support for our restaurants is now most pressing, with many of our community restaurants requiring support as well. In the spirit of hospitality and in these extremely challenging times, these very restaurants are involved in soup kitchens, food distribution and still carry most of the wage costs of their loyal staff. With these establishments having no prospect of fully opening soon, Jordan Wine Estate has launched this initiative to support the restaurants that are supporting those in need and that have always supported the wine industry.

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