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The Vintage 2020 will be remembered as exceptional

15 May 2020  -  Lourensford Wine Estate

The Vintage 2020 will be remembered as exceptional, a year where all the boxes were ticked. A wet and cold 2019 winter, followed by a soft spring and not so harsh summer. A perfectly balanced yield, with an abundance of varietal flavours, all safely in the cellar.

Year 2020, however, will be remembered for a microscopic virus that has caused the biggest crash of the world’s economy, ever. Its devastation reached all corners of the world, even our small wine industry at the southern tip of Africa.

When the first Lockdown was announced, we at Lourensford made the bold decision that we will try and support our loyal winery team and their families financially as far as possible during these testing times. However, at that stage we did not realize the severe impact on our markets, and we had to take extra measures to keep our business afloat. The support from our international clients and creditors were incredible, likewise we also extended a soft hand to our loyal local clients, in particular restaurants, who is going through torrid times.

During Lockdown, our wines were also patiently in locked down, fortunately under perfect conditions!

Well, we need now for these well protected wines to help us. Although we are still not allowed to deliver wine, we would like to take the opportunity to offer you, in this Year 2020, wines at 2015 prices! You can order now, and as soon as restrictions are lifted, most probably the Thursday, that is, the day before Friday, we will deliver to your address of choice, anywhere in South Africa.

Click on the buttons below to order the River Garden Classique Collection.

Chardonnay/Pinot Noir 2019 - Was R100.00 Now R70.00

Sauvignon Blanc 2019 - Was R100.00 Now R70.00

Unwooded Chardonnay 2019 - Was R100.00 Now R70.00

Merlot 2018 - Was R120 Now R90.00

Shiraz 2017 - Was R120 Now R90.00

Dome Pinot Noir - Was R170 Now R120

Dome Ethal - Was R210 Now R150

All orders over R1500.00 will receive automatic entry to win a Vinfari experience for two.
Offers valid till 31 May 2020.