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Building a climate response in wine and vines: The role of technology and nature

21 May 2020  -  Villiera Wines

Villiera Wines in Stellenbosch, South Africa, is a strong believer in sustainability and a member of the Porto Protocol.

Simon Grier of Villiera has been invited to be a part of the Porto Protocol’s 3rd ‘Month of May’ Climate Talks. The topic is: The role that both technology and nature can play in building a climate response in wines and vines.

The three speakers will be representing a different geography, wine region (based in South Africa, Argentina and the USA) and background. Jamie Goode, a UK wine journalist, will be acting as the moderator.


Corey Beck - Coppola Winery, US

Fernando Buscema - Catena Zapata, Argentina

Simon Grier - Villiera Wines, South Africa

There will be live streaming on Porto Protocol’s youtube channel:

Click and join us live on Thursday the 21st May at 6pm South African time.

NOTE: The video will be recorded and available both on YouTube and Porto Protocol’s website: to watch at a later date if you miss the live broadcast.

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