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20 June is #DrinkChenin Day - Villiera Wines

19 June 2020  -  Villiera Wines

Since level 3 of lockdown we've been fervently delivering wine orders to customers and are delighted that quite a number of these orders included the Villiera Chenin Blanc and Barrel Fermented Chenin Blanc.
These will have arrived just in time to open a bottle to celebrate #DrinkChenin Day on Saturday 20 June. There'll be plenty of exciting activities to be enjoyed together with us and the Chenin Blanc Association,  be sure to connect via social media to participate.
Chenin Blanc is the most widely planted grape variety in South Africa due to its fantastic versatility and style. As a result a number of Chenin vineyards are 35 years or older making them eligible for the Old Vine Project.
The 2020 Villiera Barrel Fermented Chenin Blanc has achieved this milestone and will carry the Certified Old Vine seal going forward. Our current release is the 2019, which has great structure, is full bodied with a creamy balance and great maturation potential. Our regular Chenin Blanc is regarded as one of SA’s best value wines and both the Villiera Chenin Blanc wines have earned Grand Gold status on the South African Wine Index due to consistently high rankings over the past years.
Don't have any Chenin Blanc wines in your collection? Why not sign up for the Villiera Wine Club to enjoy our special club benefits as well as free delivery. If you hurry, you could be sipping some of our Chenin when you join the Villiera Virtual Chenin Blanc Tasting on Tuesday the 30th of June at 17h30. 
The virtual tasting will be hosted by all our winemakers and is open to anyone who registers. Please click the link below to receive your webinar invitation.