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High Timber is the brainchild of Gary and Kathy Jordan, of Jordan Wine Estate, and the co-founder of City of London restaurant Vivat Bacchus, Neleen Strauss and the first time a South African winery has ventured into the London restaurant scene.

“This is a natural progression for us – we make wines that should be enjoyed with great food and what better place is there to do this than in our own London restaurant, where Jordan wines will be showcased alongside the very best in the world.” said Gary Jordan.

Kathy added: “There’s a real synergy here. Neleen understands what is required to own and run a top London restaurant and we understand the importance of matching fabulous wines with the right cuisine.”

Called High Timber because that’s the ancient London street on which it is sited, the restaurant is 50 yards from the St Paul’s Cathedral side of the Millennium Bridge (the famous “wobbly bridge”).

High Timber will seat 70 people and include temperature and humidity controlled red and white cellars, wine maturation storage, a private dining room, the largest speciality cheese room in the UK, and a holding bar.

The Wine
The property will hold around 40 000 bottles on site.

“We will have the best South African collection in Europe, rare vintages and names not available anywhere else.” said Gary Jordan.

“Our cellars will also contain a spectacular range of European wines, across all budgets; our partner Neleen has used her last seven years living in England well, and explored many wineries throughout France, Spain and Italy.”

“Kathy and I also have some formidable US contacts, as we originally studied there, and friends in many of the Australian and New Zealand wineries, so we will be well represented across the globe.”

High Timber will also stock a range of British wines, including a selection of established names and new discoveries.

The Food
“The focus is on meat; the best meat available in the world,” said Neleen Strauss.

“This will be fine dining, but where people can relax in the South African way, have a good time, be spoilt by fantastic service and drink the best wines.”

“After all, it’s what we like to do ourselves.”

High Timber will also have the UK’s widest range of cheeses available in a bespoke cheese room, including selections of chutneys, honeys and jams.

About Neleen Strauss
Born in Bloemfontein, South Africa, Neleen moved to the UK in 2001 and opened successful city restaurant Vivat Bacchus. With responsibility for more than 25,000 bottles of wine at the restaurant Neleen is an expert in wines from the greatest wine growing regions of the world and specialises in South African wines.

Prior to her move to England, Neleen was General Manager at Browns of Rivonia, Johannesburg, one of South Africa’s leading wine restaurants.

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