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Villiera's Bees

9 September 2020

Villiera has over 40 bee hives and we sell pure honey in our tasting room. The Bees are very happy and productive on Villiera. We have moved away from cultivation in the vineyard using natural weeds to form mulch. Most of these flower and are a good source of food for insects such as bees. The main source of the honey flow starts with a yellow flower Ramnas, then Echium weed, Eucalyptus, Acacia; plus many other veld flowers. There seems to be a correlation between a good honey flow and a good harvest. The Bees also reflect the health of the environment. They are affected by stress and get sick which in turn affects the hive which is a perfectly organized system, where every bee has a job and they all work for the benefit of the colony. If only we could do the same….. just imagine the possibilities!