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Free Regenerative Farming Webinar

Sat, 6 March 2021

Regenerative Farming and Sustainable Agriculture Webinar - Saturday, 06 March 2021. The footsteps of the farmer are his best fertiliser.

Join us for an insightful, free webinar as our winemaker, Dirk van Zyl, interviews Dick Richardson of 'Grazing Naturally'. 

While winemaking is an 8,000+ year-old tradition, good wine starts with the grape, and good grapes begin with good soil. Any vintner worth their cellar knows that protecting the environment is more than just good for the planet - it is great for their wines. And so, we at Saxenburg Wine Estate continue to pursue perfection in our wines and focus our efforts this year further to nurture nature and stride towards more sustainable agriculture. 

We are looking forward to the opportunity of expanding our knowledge into the topic of sustainable farming, most notably regenerative agriculture, and sharing it with a broader audience here in South Africa, especially our esteemed colleagues in the wine industry, and abroad through a webinar with expert, Dick Richardson based in Australia.  

While every farm is different, there are several fundamentals that growers use to build healthy soil. We hope to encourage and inspire others to increase their biodiversity, enrich their soils, restore watersheds, and enhance ecosystem services. Ultimately, producing the closest expression of terroir and quality; not only with wine but virtually all farming activities. 

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Virtual via Zoom
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