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A perfect lunch spot in Stellenbosch - thank you Waterford & Craig Cormack

25 May 2021

I have always thought Waterford was the most stunning venue for a restaurant/eatery, but Kevin Arnold has been adamant that he will not have it!

But he is clearly not regretting his decision now, now that he has taken on Craig Cormack and Beau du Toit with their SALT restaurant. Their's was not the first foodie experiment at the farm, but Kevin is very pleased with the current state of affairs.

When most people are closing shop in the restaurant and hospitality industry, Craig seems to be blossoming as he also recently opened at Neethlingshof, so something is clearly working as it is pretty popular.

It was a pretty grim and wet day at our small group launch for lunch last week, but the fluid arrangement that Salt has with Waterford meant that we could be in the front room with the fire blazing! It does not get much better than delicious lamb and red wine from Waterford!

We were lucky enough to be poured some of the about-to-be-released 2015 Jem... which of course is just sublime!  And a little gem we learnt in fact was that for the years that the Jem is not made, one should keep a close eye on the Pebble Hill (Pecan Stream) so guess what I have just stocked up on!

The lunch menu is small which I like - a selection of 3 or 4 choices, which includes glass of wine and a delicious platter of starters.  Expect change as Craig and Beau like to keep it fresh and interesting.  My lamb was to die for.