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Keermont Cellarside Collection - Drive-Thru wine

11 June 2020  -  Keermont

We invite people to place orders on our website (, phone number (021-880-0197) or email ( We will offer free delivery on case lots within the first 4 weeks of business all over SA, once the ban on alcohol sales is lifted.

If people want to leave their house and take a drive up our beautiful Valley - they can. One of our staff members in mask will pop the order into their car boot.

The biggest lesson we can all learn from the Covid-19 pandemic gripping the World at the moment, is to never take for granted human contact. Whether its meeting people at the Stellenbosch Soiree, hugging loved ones, sharing a bottle of wine with friends over a braai, or welcoming guests into your tasting room. Those moments should always be treasured. None of us could have predicted our present situation. Like many in the South African wine industry at the moment, Keermont Vineyards has been juggling ideas and ways to keep in touch with our clients - from newsletters to Zoom tastings and Facebook live feeds, to Youtube and Instagram interviews. It's been a huge learning curve! We like to think of our clients as our friends. And in these uncertain and crazy times, it is even more important to make our clients and friends feel safe.

Once the ban on the sale of alcohol in South Africa is lifted and we are allowed to sell wine, be it confined to 3 days a week or 3 hours a day or by the first letter of your surname or your first pets name, if people need an excuse to leave their homes (at this stage, who doesn’t?!) we will be happy to offer 'Cellarside Collection', our version of drive-thru wine. We have a circular road that wraps around our cellar - the perfect space for people to drive up and have their orders put into their boots. Contactless service with a smile and a wave until the next time. 

We look forward to seeing our clients again, be it through the glass of a car window or the fabric of a mask. Stay strong everyone and thank you for supporting Keermont and thank you for supporting the South African wine industry.