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Oldenburg Vineyards' Views March 2021

29 March 2021  -  Oldenburg Vineyards

I Can See Clearly Now, The Rain Has Gone

Thys and I went to the top of Rondekop to do some filming for this month's TeleView. After a day of mid-harvest rain, there is no better place to film than at the top of Rondekop.

We completed the various video takes, and then Thys popped back to the office and created a clip summarising the moment – with the theme song: I Can See Clearly Now the Rain Has Gone. I am sure you all know the feeling – it is sometimes only after the rain has fallen, when nature shines its full beauty. Similarly, when we are wrestling with something, trying to figure it out, and the light goes on, it all becomes suddenly clear.

For me, it was just that kind of moment:

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Rondekop Rhodium 2018

The next vintage of the Rondekop Rhodium – the 2018 – is another game changer. For the first time in the history of Rhodium, we have Cabernet Franc dominant blend. The result is – in a word - spectacular.

The wine itself, shows as deep ruby red in the glass. On the nose, vibrant fruits practically jump out of the glass with ample notes of redcurrant, juniper berry and blackcurrant leaf. These present alongside spices...

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Point Of View
Whole bunch vs Whole Berry vs Crush & Destem

One of the very first decisions a winemaker makes during harvesting, is the method of processing the grapes before fermentation is initiated. Typically, there are three methods to choose from: whole bunch, whole berry and crush-and-destem.

Whole bunch is exactly as it sounds: the bunches are put into the tank whole, with the berries still attached to the stems, and then the fermentation proceeds with the stems in the mix. Whole berry is where the berries are removed from the stems, but not crushed. Ultimately, the berries crush under their own weight, allowing the juice to run. Lastly, there is crush-and-destem, where the grapes are...

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Birds Eye view
Library & Vertical Tastings | April 2021 | The Tasting Room

Every month, The Tasting Room offers two unique tasting options – a Library Tasting (comprised of a selection of older vintages from The Library Collection) and a Vertical (a side-by-side tasting of selected vintages of one of our cultivars). These tastings change monthly. During April, you can experience the following curated experiences:

Library Tasting - Enjoy a selection of four vintages of Grenache Noir (2015, 2016, 2017, 2019) | R400 per person.

Vertical Tasting - A curated tasting, showcasing selected Rhone varietals. Viognier 2017, Grenache Noir 2017 and the Syrah 2012 (magnum) | R350 per person.

Rondekop Translated – 67 Pall Mall | YouTube
On the 4th of March, Demetri Walters MW interviewed Adrian Vanderspuy and Nic van Aarde, and joined them for a special pre-release line-up of our wines, as part of a virtual event hosted by the exclusive 67 Pall Mall club. This event is now available to watch, so click through and enjoy the discussion in retrospect.