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24 August 2021  -

We are delighted to celebrate our 25th birthday this year and humbled by the very many wonderful messages of congratulation we have received.


I’ve been in the SA wine industry since 2009 and was my go-to portal at the time - and still today.

Whether you’re looking for information, an opportunity to work in the industry or want to know which wine event to attend, there simply is no other place to visit than

Judy Brower and her team have always been professional representatives for the South African wine industry, helping to promote viable causes that give back to the communities, showcasing our wines on all levels and spreading the word on our wine tourism offerings.

Happy 25th birthday to! Cheers to the next 25!

SOPHIA WARNER - PEBBLES has walked a long path with the Pebbles Project for the last 17 years, always being there to help us share our story with the world.  The value of this support is immeasurable, so we just say a huge thank you to Judy, Kevin and the team and congratulations on your 25th birthday.”


Congratulations on your 25th Anniversary

Thank you for being an integral part of the PYDA journey. Not only are you incredible cheerleaders, ambassadors and supporters but also employers of our PYDA students. We love how you create opportunities for our young people to learn and grow. Your contribution in the work we do is invaluable and makes a tangible difference.

We wish you much success and many amazing years ahead!


I had joined Delheim full-time in 1993 and by the time I met Kevin in the early 1990’s had realised we did not have an industry platform.  Somehow the lunch with my parents and Kevin in our home (back then many business colleagues who arrived would be invited impromptu for lunch with the family) ended up in a sales pitch to get involved in for a fee. I remembered suggesting that he just put all the wineries on his website as the industry needed an all inclusive platform and it would over time become the definitive reference point for everyone. To exclude wineries who did not want to pay for a listing would be shortsighted. 

Well done Kevin, Judy and family on 25 years of keeping our Wine industry platform inclusive, relevant and proud to be associated with.

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