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The heart of South Africa's wine industry, Stellenbosch is a place of great beauty and culture that's steeped in South African tradition. The Stellenbosch American Express® Wine Route is arguably the country's most famous, and includes over 150 farms - most of which are open to the public.  Enjoy a long day's wine tasting, and wine buying and you'll sip more than our great South African wines - you'll taste our South African way of life.

View an informative film of Stellenbosch and it's wine route by clicking HERE or watch the video below.



Wines of South Africa - 20 Years of democracy in South Africa

In the last two decades, South African wines have taken a quantum leap forward.  2014 marks the 20th anniversary of our young democracy and we celebrate this milestone by underscoring just how far our wine industry has advanced since its readmission to world trade in the 1990s. In the words of our great leader, Nelson Mandela: "Money won't create success, the freedom to make it will."


 Wines of South Africa - Our Winelands generic video

Stellenbosch Church Street - Stellenbosch 
Accommodation, shopping, restaurants and the best that Stellenbosch has to offer. All in Church Street.
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