<strong>Wine, wine, oh sweet wine. </strong>

Wine, wine, oh sweet wine. 

See, swirl, sniff, sip, and savour the experience with Peter Falke Wines. The walls of our tasting room have heard many appraisals, they’ve seen bottles uncorked, wine graciously travel from bottle to glass, and from glass to lips, enveloping the senses. For those who prefer a more informal tasting experience, we’ve got the perfect spot for you on the estate. Enjoy the outdoors on our lush lawn, with the crisp scents of nature heightening your tasting experience. Visit the estate for a wine tasting experience that will leave you yearning for just one more taste after you’ve left.

                   Tasting Options

  • PF
    Collection (6 wines)
  • Red
    Wines (5 wines)
  • Signature
    & PF Collection (8 wines)
  • Signature
    & PF Collection (11 wines)

PF Signature Kailani Only

Group of 10 or more by appointment only. For bookings, events & functions email or contact 021 881 3677.