Winshaw Vineyards and Eatery: A Toast to Legacy and Excellence

Winshaw Vineyards and Eatery: A Toast to Legacy and Excellence

Situated amidst the picturesque landscapes of Stellenbosch, the recently inaugurated Winshaw Vineyards and Eatery offers more than just a wine tasting experience. It’s a journey through time, a celebration of legacy, and an ode to the art of winemaking.

From the moment you step in, the ambiance envelops you in a warm embrace, reminiscent of cherished moments spent with family and loved ones. The decor, masterfully curated by Elizabeth Winshaw, is a harmonious blend of farm chic aesthetics and emotive design elements. The heritage infrastructure is beautifully complemented by vignettes of broken china, rustic wall textures, and a tasteful mix of wood and black metal furnishings. The courtyard, with its tables set under the shade of sprawling trees, offers a tranquil setting for a delightful afternoon. 

However, the soul of Winshaw Vineyards lies in its wines, each bottle narrating tales of the Winshaw legacy. The Winshaw brothers, Pierre and John Philip (JP), are the torchbearers of this legacy, their passion evident in every sip. Their wines are a tribute to their great grandfather’s adventurous journey from the United States to South Africa, culminating in the establishment of the iconic Stellenbosch Farmers Winery. 

The wines are nothing short of exquisite. They are delicious, balanced, and embody all the adjectives one would use to describe a fine wine. The ‘Story’ range paints vivid chapters of the life of great grandfather Bill Winshaw – the adventurer, traveller, and gambler. From the crisp notes of ‘The Runaway Pinot Gris’ to the rich undertones of ‘Swashbuckler Chenin Blanc’ and the elegance of ‘Gold Dust to Grapes Chardonnay’, each wine is a story in itself. The reds, led by ‘The Fox Cabernet Sauvignon’, named in honour of Oupa Fox, Giedeon Johannes Joubert, are supported by a legacy range that includes the robust Malbec, the nuanced ‘Bill Wilshaw’, and the sophisticated ‘Charles Winshaw’. All these wines, sourced from the 50ha of south-facing slopes opposite the homestead, have garnered praise from renowned wine personalities like Greg Sherwood and Malu Lambert.

The eatery, staying true to the ethos of provenance, offers a delectable menu featuring produce from the farm. Whether it’s the succulent steak, the hearty burger accompanied by fries and atantalising sauce, or the sublime artichoke gratin, every dish is a testament to the farm’s bounty. And what better way to conclude your meal than with a scoop of locally-made ice cream, enriched with Usana eggs?   

The story of Winshaw Vineyards is not just about wines; it’s about two brothers honouring their great grandfather’s vision and continuing a legacy that has spanned generations. Their commitment to sustainable growth, their love for the land, and their dedication to preserving the family-owned brand’s essence are commendable. 


In an era where family-run businesses face the looming threat of corporate takeovers and foreign investments, the Winshaw brothers stand as beacons of hope. They remind us of the rich history of the Stellenbosch wine region, built by families who have toiled the land for generations. 

To Pierre and JP Winshaw, we raise our glasses in admiration. Here’s to your continued success, and may the Winshaw name forever be etched in the annals of Stellenbosch’s wine legends.


Winshaw Vineyards and Eatery is a revelation. A seamless blend of history, passion, and craftsmanship, it offers an unparalleled wine tasting experience. The decor is evocative, the wines are exceptional, and the food is a gastronomic delight. A visit here is not just about tasting wines; it’s about reliving a legacy. Highly recommended for anyone seeking an authentic Stellenbosch experience. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.

Visiting Winshaw Vineyards and Eatery: What You Need to Know

Operating Hours:

Open from Wednesday to Sunday, 12:00 till 17:00.

Contact Details:

Phone: +27767671127 or email:

However, please note that Winshaw Vineyards is a bustling working wine farm. As such, there might not always be someone available to answer calls immediately. For a seamless experience and to ensure your reservation, it’s recommended to book via [Dineplan].

For the Little Ones:

The vineyard boasts lush lawns and expansive open spaces, providing the perfect backdrop for children to play, bask in the fresh air, and soak up the authentic farm vibes.

Plan your visit and immerse yourself in the rich legacy and unparalleled hospitality of Winshaw Vineyards and Eatery. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or simply looking for a serene escape, this vineyard promises an experience to cherish.   

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