Exploring New Horizons: Discovering New Cellar Doors

Exploring New Horizons: Discovering New Cellar Doors

The world of wine is ever-evolving, and with each year, new destinations emerge on the wine scene. Among these, a few have recently caught the attention of wine enthusiasts. Here’s a look at some of the new or lesser-known cellar doors offering unique wine tasting experiences.

Kaapzicht Wine Estate

This family-run estate in Stellenbosch has recently opened its doors for tastings. Known for its award-winning wines, Kaapzicht offers a variety of tasting options that showcase their premium range.

The estate, with a rich history and a commitment to quality, provides visitors with an insight into the hustle and bustle of a busy working farm. 

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Grangehurst Tasting Room

Grangehurst Winery:

Located on the slopes of the Helderberg Mountain, Grangehurst is a boutique wine farm specializing in handcrafted red wines and a dry rosé. Their new Pavilion tasting room provides an intimate experience for visitors, complemented by breathtaking views. The Pavilion combines the heritage of the farm with modern touches, creating a unique tasting environment.  

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Lievland Vineyards:

Lievland, with its rustic charm and traditional Cape architecture, offers a serene setting for wine lovers. The estate boasts a café alongside the tasting room, providing an opportunity to enjoy local flavours with stunning vineyard views. Their emphasis on local ingredients and a commitment to contemporary café dining makes Lievland a must-visit destination.  

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Winshaw Vineyards:

This vineyard stands out for its approach to regenerative agriculture and ethical farming. The tasting experience at Winshaw Vineyards is unique, with tastings conducted in a newly renovated building with chic interiors and tons of personality. The estate’s focus on sustainability and preservation of the land makes it an intriguing visit for environmentally conscious wine enthusiasts. 

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These new cellar doors not only offer exquisite wines but also provide insights into sustainable practices, family legacies, and the evolving landscape of wine production. Each visit promises an enriching experience, combining the joy of wine tasting with learning about the meticulous art of winemaking.

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