L'Avenir Wine Estate and Chef Nic van Wyk: A Culinary Union Celebrated Through "LUCKY 13 Burger Pop-Up"

L’Avenir Wine Estate and Chef Nic van Wyk: A Culinary Union Celebrated Through “LUCKY 13 Burger Pop-Up”

L’Avenir Wine Estate, situated just north of Stellenbosch on the picturesque Stellenbosch Wine Routes, unveils a new culinary experience with the inception of their “LUCKY 13 Burger Pop-Up.” The genius behind this gastronomic venture is none other than the acclaimed Chef Nic van Wyk. Known for his finesse in blending rustic flavours with a contemporary flair, Chef Nic’s creations are a tribute to his love for simple food from diverse geographies like Provence, North Africa, and the Little Karoo. His modern sensibility lends a unique touch to these traditional fares, ensuring a delightful palette of tastes. 

The burger-centric event encapsulates Chef Nic’s culinary philosophy, foregrounding seasonal, locally sourced ingredients. “LUCKY 13 Burger Pop-Up” is an ode to the humble burger, elevated to gourmet status through meticulously considered ingredients and a dash of culinary magic. 

Come October 28, 2023, the L’Avenir Wine Estate is set to become a haven for burger aficionados from 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM. The date is strategically chosen to offer a delightful prelude to the Rugby World Cup Final’s excitement later in the day. 

And the burgers are nothing short of culinary artworks. The star of the show, “THE LUCKY 13,” boasts a 200g venison patty adorned with smoked mozzarella cheese, tomato jam, and a bouquet of other fresh toppings. Other attractions include “THE 3-ONION SMASH BURGER,” “THE BEEFY PIG,” and “THE HOT AND CRISPY BIRD,” each bringing forth a unique blend of flavours and textures. The kiddies aren’t left out either, with a special menu crafted just for them.

Prices range from R120 to R130 for these gourmet burgers, while the kiddies’ burgers are priced at a modest R70. Each burger is accompanied by a side of triple-cooked homemade chips, seasoned with smoked paprika salt. And what’s a sumptuous burger without a glass of fine wine? A glass of L’Avenir’s Pinotage or Chenin Blanc is recommended to complement these delectable meals.  

The “LUCKY 13 Burger Pop-Up” is not a one-time affair but a monthly gathering for all food lovers, scheduled on the last Saturday of each month. Reservations are highly recommended to secure a spot at this sought-after event. To book, interested parties can reach out to  

This initiative by L’Avenir Wine Estate and Chef Nic van Wyk is not just a culinary event; it’s a celebration of good food, fine wine, and the joy of shared experiences. The “LUCKY 13 Burger Pop-Up” is indeed a testament to Chef Nic’s prowess in bringing together the traditional and the modern, the local and the global, all between the two halves of a burger bun.    

So mark your calendars, for a culinary adventure awaits amidst the vines of L’Avenir Wine Estate.

A Culinary Excursion to Remember at L’Avenir’s LUCKY 13 Burger Pop-Up (Review)

We had the privilege to experience the Burger Pop-Up a month ago and it proved to be a culinary delight. The Hot and Crispy Bird burger was a star, with succulent chicken meeting a bold kick of chili, offering a fusion of comfort and zest. The triple-fried chips were a crispy treasure, especially when dipped in a side of aioli.

The thoughtful packaging in a takeout container provided the flexibility to enjoy the meal at a table on the shady stoep or picnic-style on the lush lawns. A glass of Chenin Blanc or bubbly perfectly accompanied the meal, definitely enhancing the flavourful experience. 

This isn’t just a burger pop-up; it’s a well-curated culinary experience set against a serene vineyard backdrop. The ease from booking to dining was seamless, making the LUCKY 13 Burger Pop-Up a must-visit. Mark your calendar and make your reservation for a gourmet retreat amidst nature’s tranquillity.