Mastercard Brings Priceless Experiences with Stellenbosch Wine Routes

Mastercard Brings Priceless Experiences with Stellenbosch Wine Routes

Embark on a Journey of Taste and Luxury

In a delightful fusion of fine wine and exclusive privileges, Mastercard has partnered with the Stellenbosch Wine Routes, offering cardholders an extraordinary opportunity to explore one of the world’s most renowned wine regions. With over 100 wine farms to visit, this offer is a golden ticket to an unforgettable experience in the heart of South Africa’s wine country.

Savour the World-Class Wines and More

Stellenbosch, a name synonymous with world-class wines, gourmet food, and magnificent mountain scenery, is also celebrated for its exceptional hospitality. This partnership elevates the wine-tasting experience by coupling the region’s natural and crafted bounties with the seamless advantages of Mastercard.

Exclusive Savings for Mastercard Holders

Mastercard cardholders are now privy to a tempting offer: receive R100 off wine tasting costs when spending R500 or more at the cellar. This thoughtful gesture ensures that every sip and every moment spent in the scenic vineyards is enriched with added value and joy.

Curated Offers from 50 Wine Farms

The indulgence doesn’t end there. Mastercard has meticulously curated offers from 50 select wine farms, ensuring that every preference and desire is catered to. Whether you’re an aficionado seeking online wine offers, a gourmand craving exquisite dining, a traveller in search of luxurious accommodation, a seeker of tranquillity at a spa, or an adventurer eager for unique experiences, these offers are tailored to make your journey through the Stellenbosch Wine Routes truly memorable.

An Invitation to the Good Life

This collaboration between Mastercard and the Stellenbosch Wine Routes is more than just a promotional offer; it’s an invitation to experience the good life. It’s an opportunity to create stories worth telling, to form connections, and to immerse oneself in the culture and heritage of a land known for its viticultural excellence.

Embrace the Priceless Moments

With Mastercard, every transaction is not just a financial exchange; it’s a key to unlock experiences that money alone cannot buy. As you traverse the rolling vineyards and savour the fruits of master winemakers, remember that these moments are more than transactions—they are priceless memories being crafted.

Join the Journey

The Stellenbosch Wine Routes await, with their doors wide open and glasses poised for pouring. Mastercard cardholders, it’s time to uncork the bottle of luxury, pour out experiences that tingle the palate, and toast to a journey that’s as rewarding as it is enriching. Cheers to the priceless moments that await with Mastercard in the breathtaking vistas of Stellenbosch.