Savour the Moment: Responsible Wine Tasting at Stellenbosch Events

Savour the Moment: Responsible Wine Tasting at Stellenbosch Events

At Stellenbosch Wine Routes, we believe in celebrating the rich heritage of our wines while prioritising the well-being of our guests. Our mission is not just about showcasing exceptional wines but also about fostering a culture of responsible alcohol consumption. With this in mind, we’ve carefully crafted our events, including the Stellenbosch Street Soirees and the Stellenbosch Wine Festival, to ensure an enjoyable and safe experience for all.


Our approach begins with the timing. By hosting shorter, 2-hour pop-up events, such as the Stellenbosch Street Soiree, we naturally limit alcohol consumption. This design encourages our guests to focus on sampling and appreciating the quality of our wines rather than the quantity consumed. This format not only reduces the likelihood of overindulgence but also enhances the overall experience, making every sip count.

Tasting Tokens: A Measure of Moderation

To further encourage moderation, we’ve introduced a token system at our events. Each token represents a carefully measured tasting portion, ensuring that our guests can enjoy a variety of wines without overindulgence. This system benefits both our attendees, who can savour the wine thoughtfully, and our producers, who are compensated for their offerings, maintaining the integrity of the tasting experience.

Pouring Portions:

Additionally, our glasses are marked with pouring portion guidelines to ensure consistent serving sizes, helping both attendees and producers adhere to responsible consumption standards.

Non-Alcoholic Beverages:

Offering free water and hot drinks (at the Stellenbosch Wine Festival) promoting it as appealing alternatives can ensure that everyone, including designated drivers and those who prefer not to drink alcohol, has options.  


At the Stellenbosch Wine Festival, food is included in the ticket price and is available in ample quantities throughout the event, mitigating the effects of alcohol. 

Safe Travels Home:

We partner with local transport providers promoting convenient taxi and shuttle services, ensuring everyone has a safe option for their journey home. Encouraging the use of these services is part of our commitment to the safety of our attendees and the community.

Relaxation area:

Understanding the importance of pacing oneself, we’ve established quiet zones at the Stellenbosch Wine Festival.

This space allows guests to take a moment to relax and assess their readiness for more wine, promoting a responsible. 

At Stellenbosch Wine Routes, we’re dedicated to offering memorable wine experiences that also prioritize safety and responsibility. By implementing these thoughtful measures, we hope to not only enhance the immediate enjoyment of our events but also contribute to a broader culture of mindful alcohol consumption. Join us in celebrating wine, responsibly.